our work

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Providing innovative solutions

    We are convinced that every company needs a solution that is tailored to its strategy, its organizational culture and its processes. We have the capacity to propose creative alternatives and the efficacy to implement them.

  • Applying tested methodologies

    We provide a toolkit of best practices, methodologies and knowledge that has been tested in top level companies, that we combine to obtain a specific solution.

  • Knowing organizations “from the inside”

    Based on our background in Consulting and Human Resources, we better understand the needs and challenges of the companies we work with.

  • Having a clear orientation to results

    All our training and consulting programs begin with the operative definition of ‘success’ in terms of the specific goals to achieve.

  • Having a strong regional experience

    We develop projects for well-recognized multinational companies in over 18 countries in Latin America and the U.S., which allows us to adapt to the culture and particularities of each country.

Sergio Meller is a specialist in the field of Change and Organization Development, and Human Capital Management. He is owner and director of Meller Consultores, based in Buenos Aires and Consultant at the Society for Organizational Learning (SoL).

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