Implementation of organizational change appliances, training and involvement strategies, incentives systems and other Human Resources programs that help in aligning strategy with behaviors, values and abilities required to obtain a competitive advantage.

Determination of gaps between organizational capacities and staff in terms of structure, roles, knowledge, abilities and management processes required to achieve a successful implementation of a significant change management.

Generation and sharing of agreements at management level, to obtain the necessary sponsorship in an organizational transformation process, whether at strategic or operational level, agreeing on expectations, efforts and expected results.

Development of new organization models based on merger or acquisition processes, maximizing efficiency, cooperation, and effectiveness of business processes.

Design of involvement and participation strategies to make sure the people are duly informed and committed.

Design and implementation of learning strategies that suit the needs of each organization, assuring previously established performance levels based on the definition and further monitoring of performance metrics.

Design of the strategic Human Resources plan so as to align talent management with strategic goals, and to determine priorities, anticipate the future business needs regarding human assets and promote an organizational culture that fosters the achievement of those objectives.