Implementation of our state-of-the-art platform to fully manage the Feedback 360º processes through the Web. This technology allows not only to develop questionnaires tailored for each client and specific needs, but to reliably protect data as well.

During the process, the participants have permanent support to solve any kind of concerns about the process or the tool itself. Also, the system generates real-time status reports for a better follow-up of the process.

At the end, each participant receives from Meller Consultants a personal and confidential results report, which shows the perception gaps between the audiences involved (direct supervisors, peers and internal or external clients) and the participant.

The process ends with an individual feedback from a coach or through feedback workshops. This allows the participants to obtain a deeper and systemic understanding of results, as well as to elaborate specific lines of action to boost abilities.

Executive Coaching processes carried out in over 14 countries for multinational companies’ top managers.

The on-site face-to-face programs are complemented with a virtual platform to carry on the learning process after the workshops. This is a great tool to consolidate and deepen knowledge, share experiences with other participants, go ahead with the learning process in a virtual way and give personalized support to each participant during the daily implementation of new abilities.

Design and management of programs that focus in:


• Change management process leadership

• Leadership branding

• Internal brand creation and development

• Leader and collaborators partnership

• Coaching as a leadership tool

• Personal leadership development

• Integration Leadership. Balancing opposed

• Systemic Thinking and management

• High-performance team building

• Result-oriented conflict management

• Performance management

• Excellence in service

• Internal TTT (Train the Trainer)

• Effective conversation techniques

• Communication workshops

• Help process management